2014 Games

Augusta App, by Jeremy Greenberger, Duncan Buell, and Heidi Rae Cooley
The Banner Saga, by Alex Thomas, John Watson, and Arnie Jorgenson
Bigfoot in the Caves of Ice, by Giovanni DiFeterici
Cadence, by Diane Mueller, Nathaniel Frankel, Sarah Ikegami, Mason Wallace, and Kelsey McEwing
Cannon Crew, by Renaldo Doe and Logan Hood
Disorder, by Matt McConnell, Saam Pahlavan, Sebastien Vakerics, and Alex Previty
Ghosts of the Horseshoe, by Richard Walker, Duncan Buell, and Heidi Rae Cooley, and USC MART, FILM and CSCE students
Get on the Ball, by Renaldo Doe
The Great Fall, by William Hoskins
Greenwald, by Jesika Brooks
Lantern, by Julia Upchurch
Light Bulb, by Timothy Johnson
Lost Sol, by Richard Walker
Neve, by Tonya Holladay
No Child Left Behind, by Christine Cannon
Raster Burn, by Kyle Blevens and Adam LeDoux
Replicators, by Joseph Melton
Walk Through, by Kyle Blevens and Adam LeDoux
Within, by Devin Raposo

2014 Awards

Yottabyte — best overall

The Banner Saga

Prettibyte — best design


Gravibyte — best humanities/serious game


Exabyte — best experimental game

Walk Through

Megabyte — best game by student developer(s)

Light Bulb