Bitsy Mixtape


Bitsy is a little editor for little games or worlds. It is minimal, in interface and presentation. With it, people have created hundreds of games. They can be humorous, heart wrenching, or surreal. This collection is curated by the developer of Bitsy, Adam Le Doux.

What, Part Deux:

A Moth Batters Against Glass by Sam Keeper
Castle Island by Breogán Hackett
Cat's Out of the Bag! by Claire Morley
Day in the Life by Ethan Clark
going by train to the human palace by nicole voec
Junk Shop Telescope by Ben Bruce
Little Duck's Big Adventure by Em Lindqvist
mailfrog by Stuey Stulack
The Milk and Mitten by Sarah Gould
no destination by mark wonnacott
Lil Onion Detective by onion
Slow Growing by Ebeth
Slug Life by Sekamelica
The Exile on the Long Shore by Natalie Clayton
The Tower at Night by G.P. Lackey
Worm Dungeon by Daniel Linssen