Indie Bits is an arts and education organization that aims to design and promote inclusive gaming experiences for all. Founded in Columbia, SC and focused on the Southeast, Indie Bits cultivates thoughtful production, education, and community oriented expression with regard to games, technology advancement, social outreach, and code-based learning. Building from their public exhibitions at the Indie Grits Film Festival, the Indie Bits leadership seeks to facilitate powerful creative gaming experiences via educational services, creative curation, and collective media literacy.

Indie Bits feature digital, physical, and virtual media ranging from casual to experimental. Simply put: if it's interactive, independent, and southern — we want to see it.

Building a safe and open community of developers and fans the way that Indie Bits has is amazing.
— Jon McElroy, lead designer on Wattam
I think it’s awesome that there’s a thriving indie games community in the South. Six years ago you it would have been a hard sell to me that Columbia, SC would become a hotspot for indie, experimental, and research-based game development.
— John Hodgson, Blizzard Entertainment
Indie Bits was so much fun! First time showing a game for me and it was so welcoming
— Diane Mueller, developer