Colours and Shapes


Colours and Shapes is designed to give children an easy way to learn simple gameplay mechanics with family friendly competition. Players draw from a central deck to create colored matches in a race to the most points. Two to four players can dive into "Colours and Shapes" with gameplay options such as "Duel," "Team," "Free-For-All" and "Mexican Standoff."

"Colours and Shapes" teaches children strategy as each player's character card comes with a special ability, such as revealing the top four cards of the deck. The game can also turn around quickly thanks to white cards that act as any color and black cards that eliminate a matched card from another player's set.

Products for Robots


John Posey III: Designer
Chris Goodrich: A.R.T.

Athens, GA

Steam Court


Tasked with the upkeep of the courts mechanical devices, players try to catch the eye of the Queen and her Courtiers by displaying their mechanical prowess. Engineer your way to the top, using unique character abilities, in this trick-taking card game set in a steampunk universe for 2-6 players. 

Tantrum House


Will Meadows: Game Designer & Graphic Designer
Ryan Pilz: Game Designer
Greg Warner: Illustrator

Greer, SC

Tides of Infamy


Tides of Infamy is a high seas adventure fraught with peril, where you command your ships in a battle for infamy against fellow pirates, sea monsters, the elements and Pirate Luck.

Gain Marks of Infamy by successfully smuggling black market supplies, plundering settlements, salvaging treasure, raiding ships and exploring new waters as you sail into uncharted seas.

Be the first to gain notoriety through infamous deeds, but beware, untold dangers lurk in these waters!



Jacob Bunting: Designer

Greer, SC